Sunday, 1 February, 2015

Fennec Maithili launch - most covered event of Mozilla

First of all thanks a lot to Media who covered the event with great enthusiasm. Here one can see the some of the reporting. Some ten media group covered the event.

From the starting we try to organize the event with local ways and flavour and this is very helpful in making any event successful. We printed one invitation card as well to send to media and some of our esteemed guests.
We invited Mr Narendra Narayan Yadav, Cabinet Minister, Government of Bihar to inaugurate our event.  The function was presided over by well known linguist Mr Govind Jha. The special key note was given by distinguished political analyst Prof Ajay Kumar Jha. Rajesh Ranjan welcomed the guests in the event. The valedictory address was given by Mr Rakesh Roshan, a Maithili language community member and the person who arranged most of the things in Patna, Bihar. Rakesh's vision and experience in organizing such an event was fantastic and gave us a great return. Thank you Rakesh. In Patna, lot of people helped us and we are thankful to Prabhas jee, Brajraj jee, Kala Roy. The pix of the event is here.

We are thankful to Localization team and reps team of Mozilla for funding the event. Umesh Agarwal filed budget and helped us in lot of ways. Thank you Umesh. Shahid Jee is helpful and gave us good insight of events happening in India. Thank you Rajesh for the mentors hip to the Maithili Team.